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Visit Corcovado National Park

A guide to safely enjoy your vacations and have the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!

Corcovado Park is a paradise, full of adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Safety is very important when traveling to a new destination. To enter the park, you must be accompanied by a certified guide who will guarantee a safe entry and exit. The tour to Corcovado is really extreme, and safety is the most important thing when living the experience.

You must take into account the following recommendations:

– Do not expose photographic equipment or any valuable object in the towns near the park.
– Always carry a photocopy of your passport with you.
– Take care of your luggage.
– Corcovado is jungle, be alert when walking into the trails.
– Be sure to have organic repellent to protect yourself from mosquitoes.
– Ask your guide how much water you need for your trip.
– Do not carry excess luggage, the walk is long.
– If you take medications, remember to take them with you.
– Your shoes should be comfortable, our receptionists can guide you.
– According to the tours of your choice, it is recommended to bring healthy and energetic bars for the road.
– You should not feed wild animals.
– Corcovado’s beaches are beautiful; ask your personal guide which is the best place to swim and keep yourself safe.

We are a serious company, and we are committed to providing quality service and safety during your tour!

If you have any question please contact us.

Costa Rica is a very safe country; however, taking preventive measures is indispensable.





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