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Unique experiences of Surcos Tours clients

We thank all Surcos friends that share their unique experiences with Surcos Tours. In this article, we learn about the outstanding experience of three clients who had the opportunity to share their adventures with National Geographic Traveller India, New York Times and DIT Travel HQ Blog.

In Surcos Tours we want everybody to have the experiences of a lifetime. This is their experience:

I’m excited to share that my first article in print has been published by National Geographic Traveller India in their August 2015 issue! My story is titled “Living Dangerously” and is about my adventures in Costa Rica. My story includes my adventurous hike in Corcovado National Park with Surcos Tours! I’m thrilled that this story has been published by National Geographic Traveller India as a 3-page feature in the “Get Going” section of the magazine.\”

Trupti Devdas Nayak

You can learn more about Trupti\’s experience in her article Living Dangerously: In the Osa Peninsula, a Traveller Learns to Laugh at her Fears


Amy also wrote her experience in Osa Peninsula:

\”The remote Osa Peninsula, which juts into the Pacific Ocean from Costa Rica’s southwestern corner, seemed to hold an increasingly rare chance to observe the rain forest in all its fecund, carbon-storing, oxygen-producing glory, without quite so much human company.

Our guide, Nito Paniagua, who met us in Puerto Jiménez for the 15-minute charter flight, lost no time snagging us a spot on the tent platform at the station and heading out on a trail to the river… we would have been lost without Nito’s six senses. He caught lizards and hung them from our ears, trained his scope on resplendent birds no one else could see and produced bats from furled-up leaves.

Photo: Scott Matthews for The New York Times

You can learn more about Amy\’s experience in her article In Search of ‘Wild’ Costa Rica

Erick shares his experience in his article \”CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK TOURS: WHAT TO EXPECT\”:

There are many operators in Puerto Jimenez offering Corcovado National Park tours – we chose to go with Surcos Tours as they offer a variety of transportation & hiking options.

It was great having to give only our name & have everything else taken care of. Obtaining the permits yourself would easily add an extra day & is very bureaucratic in Costa Rica.

Surcos Tours has a policy where your guide for the Corcovado National Park hike meets you the day before at 6 pm.

This helps alleviate any confusion the following day when meeting at Monar Bakery.


You can learn more about Erick\’s experience in his article CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK TOURS: WHAT TO EXPECT

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