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La Cotinga🇺🇸

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All about the La Cotinga🇺🇸.

La Cotinga biological station is a closer alternative for travels that don’t want to travel on boat to Corcovado. The station is situated right outside Corcovado Park in Guadalupe de La Palma, Puerto Jiménez, this makes the study of animals and plant life very accessable, and also gives habitant to animals from the park.

Since la Cotinga was born as a project inspired by the research and conservation of the natural resources of the Osa Peninsula, through the generation of educational and scientific experiences, the station has dedicated itself to the re-forestation and recovery of habitats.
The 48 hectares (118 acres) of station are for the development of scientific research and 97 hectares (239 acres) in regeneration, under the figure of absolute reserve. They have a garden area next to the station with endemic species and arboretum (botanical garden dedicated especially to trees of endangered species).
We have a nursery of native and endemic species of Osa for the reforestation project and some in recovery are precious wood trees such as Nazareno, Cristobal, Sirrí, Camibar, Ajo Negro, Ceibas, Cachimbo hediondo.