Parulidae Family

An exclusively New World family of small songbirds, also known as New World Warbler. Most North American species of wood-warblers are migrants, wintering in the Neotropics. Their return in spring, in their finest most colorfull breeding plumage and full song, is eargely anticipated by birdwatchers and ornitologists.

More than 60 percent of all the species in this large family are classifed in just four genera. Dendroica (29 species), Vermivira (9 species), Basileutterus (25 species) y Myioborus (12 species) There is a wide varietion between species. Many are brightly colored, while others are rather dull. Wood-warblers use a wide range of foragine techniques, especially to find insects and other invertabrates.  Resident tropical species, as well as some migrans from North America, join mixed-species feeding flocks that move through forests in search of fruiting trees.

Of the 112 species found in this family 54 are represented in Costa Rica.