We want to be part of your wonderful adventure

We care about people, we care about nature

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Local business

We are a national family business that seeks to give better job opportunities for our local people, especially for women.

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The environment is one our main concerns. We coexist with nature by following enviromentally friendly practices

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Social Responsibility

Protecting the environment, helping others and sharing knowledge are part of our main goals.


Our History and Work

Our History

Surcos Tours is a family business. It was born in 2006 with the purpose of looking for solutions to the lack of work in rural areas, particularly in the southern and southwestern areas of Costa Rica.

The word “Surcos” comes from the Spanish “Surco” which means opening a path where none exists, to build and plant a better fate.

We do not only want to plan your tour, we want to prepare the way and provide all the tools you need to choose the best tour.

Our Work

We are a growing company, which offers the service of fully organizing a tourist trip within Costa Rica or outside our borders.

Our customers are offered a wide variety of 100% organized tours and they choose the option that suits their needs and budget.

We also have a sustainable approach, participating in the education of new generations regarding all environmental conservation issues.

Our Wish

We want to take you to the last redoubt of undisturbed tropical rainforest of everything the American Pacific, so you can walk through the path of the jaguar and puma, for you soak up the tropical rain and so you embrace the tropical sun in the middle of the blue of the sea and the tropical green of Corcovado.

Respect for people and nature
Social Responsibility
Trust and teamwork
Excellent customer service


Our helping hands