Tour of 3 days and 2 nights from Drake – San Pedrillo – Drake

Corcovado National Park holds 2.5% of the global biodiversity and is described by National Geographic as one of the most biologically intense places on earth. The intensity of the biodiversity is even higher than in the Amazon region.

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San Pedrillo is the first Ranger Station from Corcovado National Park. It is located at 17 kilometers southwest of the town of Agujitas in Drake Bay and can only be reached by boat. There are many kilometers of coastline with rocky cliffs and sandy coves that extend from Agujitas to the edge of Corcovado National Park, which is described by National Geographic as one of the most biologically intense places on earth. The intensity of the biodiversity is even higher than in the Amazon region.

In San Pedrillo station there mostly primary forests and you can see many birds and some mammals. This is probably one of the best places to see the endangered species.

The guide meets with you in Drake, this meeting is usually made at the hotel where you will stay on the day before the tour, at 6:00 pm, to explain the dynamics of the tour. If the guide can not get to Drake on the day before the tour, he will call you at the hotel where you are staying to finish details. This is because if the guide is from Puerto Jimenez sometimes it is impossible to him get from Carate to Drake on the same day to meet with you.

So, we ask you, when you have booked the hotel, let us know. Also please let us know if you want information for accommodation in Drake Bay.

The guide will meet you at the Agujitas beach where boats are (Do not worry, on the day before the hike the guide will let you know where the boats is located, you will not get lost!) to take the boat from beach at 6:00 am and arrive at San Pedrillo around 6:30 in the morning. The trip on the boat takes approximately 30 minutes. Hopefully you might see whales or dolphins (depending on the season). The boat leaves you 100 meters from the park rangers station San Pedrillo where you will leave the extra luggage and prepare to begin the tour.

During the tour you will visit a very beautiful waterfall at 8 km from the station (about 4 hours by foot) where you can enjoy a natural pool in the woods and you can take a bath. You will walk through different paths around the station, where you can see a lot of flora and fauna. You will also have the opportunity to see animals such as crocodiles, 3 types of monkeys, sloths, agoutis, raccoons, snakes and hopefully tapir and anteater plus a lot of birds.

You wake up early and walk by internal routes in the areas most visited by animals.

You will be able to explore other interesting and different areas or you can simply relax on the beach.

Then around 12:00 am return to San Pedrillo Station for lunch and take the boat from beach at 1:30 pm to return to Drake. The trip is typically 30 minutes. You will be back in Drake around 2:00 pm.

  1. If you desire to book the meals, just let us know and it will be a glad to send you the cost.
  2. Keep in mind that this path can be changed or canceled during the rainy season (August – September – October). This due to strong tides and river crossings to arrive to Drake Bay and San Pedrillo which do not allow passing. This is also because there are not bridges on this route.
  3. Always wear rubber shoes or rubber sandals to get off or get on the boat to prevent your walking shoes to get wet and bring a small hand towel to dry your feet

To arrive to Drake Bay there are several ways:

  1. One is by direct flight from San Jose to Drake. For flights see: Sansa: or Nature Air:
  2. The other one is by boat from Sierpe to Drake. You can arrive direct to Sierpe from San Jose by two ways:
    • If you come by car, you can drive direct from San Jose to Sierpe. You can leave your car in a parking lot in Sierpe and then take the boat to Drake.
    • If you come by bus, take a bus in San Jose (Tracopa Bus) to Palmar Norte, in Palmar Norte take a taxi to Sierpe, once in Sierpe take a boat to Drake. The last boat from Sierpe to Drake leaves at 4:00 pm. For bus schedules you can find on the website
  3. And the last one is by car directly from San Jose to Drake. But the car must be 4×4 and it is only recommended to travel by road during the dry season because, to get to Drake, you have to cross around 8 rivers and the roads are not in good condition. It is inaccessible in the rainy season.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you, and hope that you enjoy your visit to Corcovado with Surcos Tours.


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