1 day Tour to Matapalo

Corcovado National Park holds 2.5% of the global biodiversity and is described by National Geographic as one of the most biologically intense places on earth. The intensity of the biodiversity is even higher than in the Amazon region.

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Corcovado National Park with the surrounding private nature reserves. Matapalo is located at 30 minutes before get at park entrance Carate.
A tour to Matapalo is also perfect for all ages and families with kids. All tours can be tailored to your preferences!

On the day before at hike, the guide meets with you in Jimenez; this meeting is usually made at the hotel where you will stay on the day before at tour at 6:00 pm to explain the dynamics of the tour. So we ask to the client when you have booked the hotel, let us know. Also please let us know if you want information for accommodation in Puerto Jimenez.

You meet with your guide early in the morning around 5:30 am at the Monar Bakery in Jiménez and together will take a shared shuttled which takes you to the park entrance Carate. (Do not worry, on the day before at hike the guide will let you know where the bakery is located, so you won’t get lost!). The trip is typically 30 minutes to get from Jiménez to Matapalo.

Here you have the chance to spot all four types of monkeys of Costa Rica, sloth, toucan, coatimundi, and the endemic Golfo Dulce Poisonous Dart Frog just to name a few.

You can enjoy pure rain forest as well as natural waterfalls pools or just relax on the beach. Matapalo is the place for a combination of all. You will love it!!

You have to take a taxi to come back to Jimenez. (it already is included in the package). If you come by car 4×4 can get to Matapalo. Just let us know if you prefer to go by your own car or you would like that we book the taxi for you.

If you are tight on schedule but want to see the most come with us! Matapalo offers amazing flora and fauna of the rain forest!!

You should bring: clothing change, walking shoes, insect repellent, hat, a water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and binoculars. Also buy something to snack on.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you, and hope that you enjoy your visit to Corcovado with Surcos Tours.


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