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Osa Península

I was born and raised in southern Costa Rica, at the age of 30 I went to live in what would be my home for 15 years until today and I hope for many more years, The Osa Peninsula has attracted naturalists Biologists and nature lovers from around the world, the main reason is that 2.5 percent of the planet\’s biodiversity is housed in such a small area. What create so much life on a piece of land is it geographical location placed between the Pacific Ocean and the Golfo Dulce, creating favorable conditions for a great variety of ecosystems to be produced, including mangrove forests, cloud forests, and lowland forests. This is one of the rainiest areas in Costa Rica so the dry season is very short and the forest is always green.

The Peninsula is home to the most famous National Park in the country, Corcovado National Park, as well as the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, and Caño Island National Park, its rich biodiversity manifests itself both on land and in the sea.


I have had the opportunity to visit other tropical areas in South America and Asia and so far I have not seen another place that can match the majestic Osa Peninsula.

No doubt a place for which we will fight and protect from the selfish interests that want to destroy it.

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