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Great mountains with great history

Coto Brus

The Maquique Native Bird Farm Refuge

Enjoy the tour of the Native Bird Refuge at Granja Maquique.

Bees are one of the most important insects for humans, since they basically pollinate all our plant-based foods. Nowadays they face many challenges that put their existence at risk, in Costa Rica we have 58 species of bees without needles and the conservation of them is extremely important for the environment, the family LAS BRISAS PROJECT is very clear about the importance of bees and for them they have put all their energy in protecting them, protecting their environment and their reproduction.

*Prices vary according to the number of pax.

Aviva Organic Farm

From the orchard to the table.

Aviva Organic Farm in the best style of the Ingalls family, is a family project born from the desire to experience a deep connection with nature and, at the same time, develop a self-sustainable way of life.

The passion for nature and the generation of family income combined to give rise to a sustainable agriculture based on the care of the environment in all its natural surroundings; water, air, soil, flora and fauna.

Its main objective is the restoration of its environment through art, culture and gastronomy.

Promote optimal mental and physical health. Involve them in your philosophy of healthy living.

*Prices vary according to the number of pax.

Sweet Cane Tour

The sugar cane farm "El Buen Sabor" is located in the community of Las Brisas. The tour consists of learning the traditional way in which the farmers used to obtain the sugar known as dulce. During the tour, you can enjoy and participate in the sugar cane milling process, until the transformation of the liquid state of the juice reaches its solid state.

Vista Del Valle Coffee Farm Tour

The Vista del Valle coffee farm is located in San Miguel de Sabalito. Its owners, a young enterprising couple, decided to produce coffee following a series of environmentally friendly guidelines.

Since they started producing without pesticides and planting more trees along with coffee, their plantation is full of life and today they are very happy to share their home with the creatures around them.

*Prices vary according to the number of pax.

Southern Megafauna Tour

A Forest with interesting secrets...

Megafauna del Sur is a project located in San Juan, Limoncito. Here together we will discover the fossils of giant animals that walked our land more than 5 million years ago!

You will be able to walk along the bed of a river surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and vegetation, with crystal clear waters, some young people passionate about the world of fossils will show you how to discover these pieces in the waters of the river, almost imperceptible to the human eye but not for these experts who have discovered these pieces.

In the collection that is part of the museum also created by the same young people, fossilized pieces of these animals are shown, among which you can find structures of animal remains such as armadillos and giant sloths, ancient horses and the famous mastodon. In addition to some aquatic species such as turtles, sharks, sea shells that show when these lands were in contact with the sea. Archaeologists have come and verified this information ....

Now you must come and find out for yourself!

- Live the experience of learning about the natural history and fossil record of Coto Brus.

- Venture down the river, enjoy the peaceful waterfalls and scenery.

- Enjoy a snack and lunch surrounded by the vegetation.

* If you are more than 3 people please let us know so we can adjust your rate as we need a bigger transport and if you have your own vehicle then choose the rate without transport.

Keep in mind that we recommend a tall car or 4×4.

Don't forget to bring:

*Prices vary according to the number of pax.

Ruby Chocolate Tour

Local project with indigenous roots

It is a venture that is located in the community of Biolley. This adventure consists of learning together with Danilo who is a passionate chocolatier who started this venture with the idea of creating a quality product that is totally organic and with a unique flavor. You can learn about the different natural techniques that are used from the harvesting of cocoa, the fermentation of the seed, drying and grinding to create a delicious chocolate. 

Don Danilo will show you the purity and true taste of totally organic chocolate.

- Learn about organic processes to produce chocolate.

- Tasting of chocolate in its different preparations.

* If you are more than 3 people please let us know so we can adjust your rate as we need a bigger transport and if you have your own vehicle then choose the rate without transport.

Keep in mind that we recommend a tall car or 4×4.

*Prices vary according to the number of pax.

Private transportation from San José to Coto Brus and back.

We give you the service to facilitate the logistics of how to easily get to our tours we give you an attractive and comfortable option.
With a minimum of one person up to 3 people.

Paradise awaits you, secure your adventure today!

Don't miss the opportunity to live a unique experience.

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