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Cleaning campaigns

We are a team committed to the community and natural resources, focused on garbage collection and separation of solid waste in order to achieve a better quality of life in a healthy environment.

Some years ago, we started a social welfare project to integrate people and collaborate with the environment. This project consists of training the inhabitants on issues related to the collection and separation of solid waste that is produced and that pollutes so much.

Also as part of encouraging love for nature we make them participate in some tours where they get in touch with the flora and fauna of the place, making them aware of the importance of taking care of the wonderful natural environment around them and they do it for free in most cases, this thanks to the academies that we hold in a commercial way with many other businessmen.

We have managed to integrate the community into this project, which continues to give very good results.

Our desire is to continue working to create a community culture in harmony with the environment, to increase the interest and commitment of the entire community, to maintain a city free of waste in all public spaces and to work towards rescuing the values of the entire population.

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